Taking Stock - stock count without the big freeze, new features from Unleashed

Well, this is helpful. Unleashed have announced improvements to the way it handles stock taking. Until now the stock take has always meant having to stop business and freeze all your inventory in order to get stuck in manually with the count. 

There's no avoiding the physical tally, and there's a ton of reasons why you should be conducting regular stock takes, but now Unleashed gives you more control over how you conduct your stock take and even lets you divide it up in a way that suits your time and your business.

Here's what's new:

  • You can now decide which stock is counted and when. Instead of stopping business completely for a stock take, you choose what you want to count. 
  • You can filter by Warehouse, Bin Location, Supplier or Product Group when choosing which stock to count - great if you're just about to place an order from one particular supplier or if you have a product group that needs extra-regular checking (high end, high value).
  • Most importantly, when you've filtered your options the rest of your stock stays unfrozen so you can continue doing business - no more hold-ups for stock take.
  • In addition there have been improvements to the way you enter your stock take data into Unleashed, with everything consolidated into one page to make it easier create, edit and view stock counts in one place.
  • Finally, Unleashed now offers the ability to export a product list, update it and then export it back into Unleashed. We can see that this flexibility will be especially useful for businesses where manual tallies are carried out and negates the need to carry a laptop or device with you around the warehouse whilst the stock take is being carried out.