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Cumberland Basin by Andrew Gustar

Cumberland Basin by Andrew Gustar

Your manufacturing business has outgrown in-built stock systems and you're ready to level up to a purpose-built stock and inventory add-on. 

It's time to speak to us.


We've helped scope, source, install and integrate stock control software with manufacturers around the UK .

Whilst every project has been unique, we've built up the experience and accounting insight to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.

Our favourite stock control software is Unleashed because we think it's the most powerful add-on out there, and our customers tell us that it's easy to use and provides the reporting they need. Find out more about Unleashed here.


How we work


You don't need to have your accounting with us, we enjoy stand-alone Unleashed implementations as project work. 

Because we're qualified accountants first and foremost we have the training and knowledge to make sure your numbers are at the heart of any cloud solutions upgrade.

The first step in any upgrade project, like an Unleashed installation, is to get onsite with you and find out how you work. Next, we'll product a Scoping Document which outlines our assessment of how your business systems work and what an upgrade to Unleashed would look like for you, including the amount of time needed for installation, integration and training.

If you're happy to go ahead at this stage then we'll start work on making sure your data is clean and ready for the installation and start linking Unleashed with your existing systems, trouble-shooting any issues that might arise.

Once you're up and running we'll get everyone trained in using Unleashed, passing on all the hints and tips we've picked up over the years.

Many of our customers enjoy the security and flexibility of keeping us as support back-up for a few months after the integration.


Case Study - Boutique tent manufacturer, custom reporting from Unleashed

Unleashed Manufacturing Distribution

Photo by Hey Jaw

Key issues:

We were contacted by a boutique tent manufacturer. They had been using Unleashed for some time to manage their stock but hadn't been able to solve the problem of obtaining the information they really needed from it and asked if we could help with custom reporting.

Because their tents comprised of multiple generic component products, they needed to be able to view at any point in time how many of their products they could kit up from the stock they held.

What we did:

After sitting down with the team and working out their exact reporting requirments we worked with our developer on a Microsoft Azure platform to create a bespoke custom report that provided them with a week-on-week view of the maximum manufacturing possibilities for each completed product and indicated how many of that product that could make with current stock levels.


The team are now able to plan their purchasing to ensure they have enough stock and know at which point they will need to reorder without having to hold an excess of stock in storage, saving storage costs.

Cash flow is improved.

Profitability is up.


Case Study - Food Manufacturing

When you're dealing with the fast moving sales of a major supermarket, you need a stock system that can keep up. We worked with a client in the North of England who supplies major supermarket chains with premium ready-to-cook meal kits. 

Unleashed Foot Manufacturing


Key Issues:

  • Their Production Manager was so busy managing the production process they didn't have time to complete the production process in Unleashed.
  • This meant that end of the month the sales orders were still sitting in Unleashed and not showing as completed due to the assemblies not being put through Unleashed on time.
  • Income would appear in the previous month but the costs would appear in the current month as Unleashed recognises cost when the sales order is complete


What we did:

Using the Sales Shipment module of Unleashed we created a utility that would enable the Production Manager to complete all the outstanding Sales Orders in a batch.



Sales invoice and costs were now in the correct month when the data came into Xero.

This meant that the management information in Xero was now accurate and made sure the income and direct costs matched the period they were incurred in rather than the period they were completed in.

As a result, they had better insight into their company data and they could see their true profit on a monthly basis, removing human inefficiencies and taking the pressure off the production manager.


If you're interested in integrating a stock control system like Unleashed into your cloud accounting package, would like some custom reporting or are looking to upgrade your existing stock control system then get in touch to find out how we can help.