We want to make your life easier.

Here at TMT Accounting we look at Bookkeeping services a little differently.  We’ve found services that support you and let you concentrate on running your business, rather than dealing with endless paperwork.

For a start, we give all our clients a nifty little utility called Dext (previouly Reciept Bank)  which integrates beautifully with both Xero and QuickBooks Online.  It allows you to keep on top of your receipts using your phone, just take a photo and hit “upload”. That’s it.

What’s so great about keeping your receipts online with Dext? 


You can’t lose them once they’re uploaded to Dext.  No more crumpled pieces of paper in wallets, handbags or glove boxes. 

You can make sure you claim all the expenses that are due to you. 

Your important receipts are safe, secure and easily accessed both by you and us.

You can send your uploaded receipts and invoices straight into your accounting package, so your receipt will be viewable with one click within Xero or QuickBooks Online.


Why is this last point important?  We’ve found that both of us having access to all the receipts wherever you are is invaluable. For example, when a client had a monitor break down on them and they couldn’t find the receipt to return it, we were able to find that receipt and send a pdf copy to them within a minute of their request (and we weren’t even in our office at the time!).

How does it work?

Using Dext on your phone, or via your computer and scanner, you capture an image of your invoices and receipt and upload to Dext.  Any email receipts you have can be forwarded directly to Dext as well.

On a monthly basis we process the receipts, making sure that they are coded to the correct categories, and import them into Xero.

What about the Bank Reconciliation?

We do that.

How do I know the work is complete?

We send you a report that includes your Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet, within 5 working days of the month end.

How much does this cost?

Our packages start at £130 per month and include Xero/QuickBooks Online and Dext.