Analysis on Steroids

Futrli is the award-winning add-on partner that takes your business information from Xero and presents it to you in a beautiful, meaningful and easy to understand one page dashboard.

Make better, faster decisions based on better, faster information.

We think it's such a powerful and important tool for business that we include a free Futrli dashboard in every service package we offer.

See how you're doing in comparison to last month, or check how you're performing against your budget.

Need even more crunched? As a Futrli Silver Partner we can also create bespoke forecasting and reporting Futrli for our clients for deeper analysis and offer bookkeeping support to make sure you're getting the full picture.

What does it look like?

It looks like your business in real-time. Not what happened months ago, what's happening right now, with real-time information pulled seamlessly 3 times a day from Xero.

It looks like a whole load of numbers crunched into powerful information that you can get your head around and make decisions with today. 

One page of data, set out graphically in a beautiful visual format. Not just a complex sheet of numbers, but meaningful data that highlights trends and allows you to really understand what's going on in your business.

Forecast the Future

Futrli allows us to change the way we work with you. Instead of looking back at historical data we now collaborate with our clients based on 360 degree insight into their past, present and future business information.

Intelligent forecasting lets us help you visualise where your business can go: real-time budgets, what-if scenario comparisons, clear cash flow reports and charts, KPI analysis. If you need it we can build it and the Futrli engine will reveal what's going on behind the financials.




So what’s different about TMT Accounting?

We have a passion for helping businesses. Rather than just appearing at the end of the year, we will work with you throughout the year. With over 15 years experience in IT and Accountancy; cost effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use are always at the forefront of our minds when looking at your business.

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Our fixed price packages include all the services you would expect, including submitting your accounts, as well as software fees and the peace of mind of knowing you can contact us whenever you need.

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About TMT Accounting

We are forward-thinking online accountants based in Bristol who specialise in Cloud Accounting and Business systems. We have hand-picked the best cloud accounting tools, including market leaders like Xero, to allow you to spend more time on your business instead of frustrating paperwork.

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