A Guide to Credit Control for Small Businesses

25th August 2021

Credit control is the process by which businesses extend credit to customers in order to make it easier for them to purchase a good or service. This could be by delaying payment or breaking down the total purchase amount into more manageable installments.  

Driving Your Business with Reporting

16th August 2021

Do you wait for your Annual Accounts to arrive before you look at your numbers for the year? By the time your accounts have been finalised, the data is historical. Any changes you make as a result of reading these are probably not the most effective.

6 Steps to Take If Your Small Business is Running Out of Money

28th July 2021

It’s always worrying when you notice that your small business’ bank account is running low. Whether you’re scaling up or simply going through a quiet period, negative cash flow can take a significant toll on the financial health of your business.

7 Useful Finance Tips for Small Businesses

28th July 2021

Good financial health is crucial for any business, and this starts with careful financial management.

How to Set Up and Maintain a Budget for Your Startup

28th July 2021

Creating and following a realistic budget for your startup is essential.

Leveraging Your Technology

28th July 2021

The decisions you make in your business are only as good as the data you use to make them. The more accurate and up to date your data is, the better your decisions will be.

Corona Virus Update 23 March 2020

23rd March 2020

We wanted to  bring you up to date with the government support and help that is available to small businesses right now. We sent out some details last week of what the government had announced up to the end of Wednesday 18th March and we have uploaded that to our blog:

Corona Email Update - 19th March 2020

19th March 2020

There are testing times ahead and the first thing we would like to do is to let you know that we are here for you. We understand that as a small business, things are looking very uncertain at the moment.

Receipt Bank 1tap - review

8th January 2019

(Spoiler: we really like it.) This week at TMT Towers we had a sole trader come to us with, yes, a shoe box stuffed with the year's receipts. (What's worse than a shoe box full of receipts? A shoe box with no receipts.)

5 questions to ask your cloud software integrator

18th July 2018

If you're thinking about powering up your cloud accounting package, Xero or QuickBooks Online, by introducing one of the third party applications (apps) available then that's almost definitely a terrific idea.