Electric company cars: the tax adds up

12th August 2015

Sales of plug-in hybrid cars have risen by 984% from March 2014 to March 2015, and sales of electric vehicles in 2015 are predicted to reach 30,000.  It seems that suddenly they are popular, everywhere and silently taking over the company car market.

Look after the pennies - reclaiming VAT on cash payments without a receipt

26th May 2015

We are sad when VAT registered customers don't reclaim all the VAT that they have paid.  Stop crying, you say.

Leasing a car vs buying a company car - could there be a tax advantage?

21st April 2015

It wasn't so long ago that the mark of success was a big, shiny company car sitting on your driveway. But when you have a car available to you for personal use there is a tax liability: HRMC view the use of the car as part of your salary package and so there is a benefit-in-kind tax to pay.

Vend Installation Case Study - Stroud Brewery

9th October 2014

It's always a delight when the aims of a business align closely with ours.

Free Xero Converions from Sage this September

10th September 2014

Xero announced this week that they are offering free conversions from Sage, which is a bold move and well-timed considering the impending Sage price hike. The offer is also valid for conversions from QuickBooks Desktop.Let's look at what's involved.

School’s in for Summer - triple Xero Certification Success

20th August 2014

Whilst the sun has been shining and the rest of the world has been topping up their tans, we have been very busy in August studying for our exams: our Xero exams.

Benefits in Kind - proposed changes for April 2015

24th July 2014

If you provide your employees with anything other than a paid salary, it will attract the attention of HMRC as a “benefit in kind” and need to be reported for tax. Common examples of these “fringe benefits” are a company car or private medical insurance.

Auto-Enrolment for Directors

23rd April 2014

What is Auto-Enrolment? You may have seen the adverts on the TV from the Department of Work and Pensions about workplace pensions by now, with lots of enthusiastic workers declaring “We’re all in!”, but what does auto-enrolment mean for you?

What’s in Our Toolbox – the software tools you need to run your business

13th March 2014

We're online accountants, we live and breathe the cloud and we've put together a toolbox of online software that we have hand-picked, road-tested and approved, because we know these tools will help you run your business better.